Joint Venture Partnership Marketing White Paper


A comprehensive report that describes exactly what to say, who to call and how to excite businesses into getting into a relationship with you. 

A single- purpose joint venture partnership with other successful businesses is the easiest way to build an audience, build your brand and grow your business.

Joint Venture Partnership Marketing White Paper provides you with easy to implement strategies to grow your audience, enter new markets, get clients and boost your business growth without draining your resources. 

This white paper teaches you how to create single-purpose joint venture relationships, and leverage the time, money and effort that other business owners have spent building their customer lists.


Dear small business owner...

Joint venture business is what's known as referral marketing. That's when you approach another business owner to email or contact its list of customers or clients on your behalf. This is essential since one of the most proven methods for marketing and growing a small business is finding customers and clients.

You probably have a lot of questions about why other businesses would do this for you.

The report I've put together describes exactly what to say, who to call and how to excite these businesses into getting into a relationship with you.

You may be thinking, what are my legal obligations?

These are not legal business partners. They are single-purposed, strategic joint joint venture relationships, created solely for the purpose of marketing your products and services to other small businesses lists.

How do I start reaching out

We’ve got you covered. You will receive exact telephone and email scripts I’ve used to reach out to partners.

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…and we'll make sure you have all the details for this proven marketing method.

Once I read this report, I spent 10 minutes coming up with a list of 50 different businesses that would be ideal for me to contact. 

— Queenie V

Thank you so much, Ebere Akadiri, for sharing your secret sauce. I can’t wait to start reaching out. 

— Nike A

Take me to the report on using single-purpose joint ventures to get clients and customers for my business.


Joint Venture Partnership Marketing gives you everything you need to:

Find joint venture partners

Grow your audience and brand awareness

Build a win-win relationship

What is inside this white paper?

  • What is a joint venture?
  • Why joint venture partnership is such a powerful marketing tool
  • How Joint Venture Partnerships can benefit your business
  • How to create an effective Joint Venture Partnership
  • Finding Potential Joint Venture Partners
  • How to reach out to a potential Joint Venture Partner
  • Sample outreach Scripts
  • Opportunity to create joint Venture relationships with businesses across Europe
  • A workbook to help you take immediate action

About Ebere Akadiri

Ebere Akadiri, CEO of Rise and Lead, has been described as “an inspiring role model to Women and a pacesetter,” helping women in business to connect with decision-makers and get a seat at the table.

Ebere has a track record in building relationships and partnerships with industry leaders and small businesses over the last 12 years. This reputation has turned Ebere into a top business advisor to anyone who could benefit from growing their business through partnerships. 

Rise and Lead inspiring leadership conferences and roundtables bring together diverse women in business, with accomplished leaders from major global brands like Aon, Accenture, Coca-Cola, Google, Uber, Mastercard, WeTransfer, P & G, Insights, United Nations, UPS, and many more.

Highly result-oriented, Ebere believes that partnerships and collaborations will help us all achieve our business goals. She’s driven to help others achieve their goals, and so she’s using her platform to share knowledge and resources with you to help you achieve your business goals through partnerships. Ebere’s natural charisma, warm nature means she easily attracts and connects with people from all walks of life.